iPRES2022 and “The Book”

During iPRES2022 in Glasgow, I presented my plan to write a book about 30 years of digital preservation in the poster session.

Digital preservation is often described as being not just a technical topic. People are at the heart of digital preservation. And people play an important role in meeting the demands of ever-changing technologies. In the past 30 years, individuals used their networks, organizations and intellectual capital to contribute to the development of digital preservation. They worked behind the scenes and contributed to improvements that are still used today.

It is time to bring those individuals into the spotlights, with a book about the history of digital preservation.

Currently a vast number of people is involved in digital preservation and the group of practitioners is
certainly larger than 25 years ago. But what do you know about your predecessors? Which heroes were active behind the scenes?

Poster B Sierman iPRES2022

In my opinion digital preservationists should be more aware of the history of their profession. To be more familiar with insights and products that were already developed. Reflections on the past might help shaping the future.

Given my experience in the library world, this domain will be my main focus. As a European, the developments in Europe and especially the contributions of the European Commission will be another focus area.

During this process I also hope to get more insight into the networks that initiated important collaborations. Who were involved in starting initiatives like the DPC, OPF, NCDD/NDE and nestor? In developing products like PRONOM or audit standards like CTS and ISO 163636? Which role played the people of the European Commission?

I would like to involve the digital preservation community in various ways. Via interviews with key players and a survey now and then. Regular updates about my research will be published in blogposts here. You’re welcome to send your suggestions or feedback!

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