It’s getting serious: audit and certification

ptab-logoLast May the 3rd PTAB training for repository managers and potential auditors was given at the KB in the Hague in the Netherlands. The event was organized in collaboration with the National Coalition for Digital Preservation (NCDD). Two trainers, David Giaretta and me, instructed an audience of around 15 people about the interpretation, finer details and consequences for organisations of the ISO 16363 standard Audit and Certification of Trustworthy Digital Repositories. Currently there are no official auditors to perform a certification process according to this standard. But the PTAB group is contacting National Standard Bodies in different countries to stimulate this to happen.

It will be a matter of time and now there are organizations thinking seriously to prepare themselves being audited. Representatives from 5 organisations in the Netherlands were invited to tell the course attendees about their plans. Them being the National Archive, DANS, 3TU, the KB National Library and the Institute for Sound and Vision. They are all participating in the Certification Work package of the NCDD, which aims a collaboration in the certification process, exchange of experiences and setting up training for other Dutch organisations. (Earlier I blogged about this nin Dutch however). The 5 organisations all represent a different stage in the European Framework of Certification.


European Framework of Certification Levels


The KB National Library, the National Archive and the Institute for Sound and Vision are preparing themselves for a DSA seal, but have different time schedules. DANS is preparing for the nestor/DIN certification this year and 3TU is renewing their DSA seal, which occurs every 3 years. The preparations for the auditing process will be different for every organisation. But there will be a lot that can be shared. And we will do so, as we are planning certification activities in the Network Cultural Heritage, starting after the summer. I’ll keep you posted!

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