Let’s discuss OAIS!

Today our “gold standard” in preservation will have its own place on the Internet: the OAIS wiki


Since its first publication the OAIS standard has become a crucial guidance in our digital preservation community. It is in our own interest to keep this standard up to date and to monitor its connection with our daily practices. We are now better informed how to preserve our digital collections. But we need to be alert to keep the OAIS standard connected to our daily practices.

A wiki for OAIS
The idea to create a wiki for OAIS was raised last year at the 4C/DPC Conference and was realised in close cooperation by William Kilbride (DPC), Hervé L’Hours (UKDA), Paul Wheatley (DPC) en me (KB).

What are we heading for? A place to discuss OAIS and to share experiences. For everyone working in digital preservation, in our “community of practice”. Despite the advantage of using a shared OAIS terminology, translating the OAIS concepts into daily practice often raises questions. Implementing these concepts can lead to different interpretations of the standard and to confusion. Sharing examples and real life practices can help everyone in their situation. This wiki is intended to become a central place where everyone can start to discuss OAIS aspects. This way we can keep the OAIS standard relevant in our daily work.

ISO 5- year review in 2017
There is another reason to discuss the OAIS standard. In 2017 the ISO process will be started to review the standard, which happens every 5 years. This review will offer us a chance to propose changes to the standard. Changes we think are necessary to keep the standard relevant.

Therefore we put the integral text of the standard on-line with an opportunity to add your commentary and annotations and the possibility to discuss this. Based on this feedback we will draft an official proposal for the review. Apart from that we will investigate what will be the best way to take part in this official review process.

Join us and help to keep the OAIS standard relevant. Go to the OAIS wiki, register and contribute your bit!


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