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Barbara Sierman: OAIS: keurslijf of kans? In: Preserveren. Stappen zetten in een nieuw vakgebied. Stichting Archief Publicaties, ‘s Gravenhage 2018, p. 36 -44 

Barbara Sierman, Margriet van Gorsel, Remco van Veenendaal: Preservering: van Beleid naar Beheer In: Preserveren. Stappen zetten in een nieuw vakgebied. Stichting Archief Publicaties, ‘s Gravenhage 2018, p. 55 – 64

Barbara Sierman, Marcel Ras: Certificering van digitale archieven in Nederland In: Preserveren. Stappen zetten in een nieuw vakgebied. Stichting Archief Publicaties, ‘s Gravenhage 2018, p. 65 – 72


Barbara Sierman, Kees Waterman How the Dutch prepared for certification. Conference Paper iPRES 2017, Kyoto, Japan 25-29 September 2017

Barbara Sierman, Kees Teszelszky How can we improve our web collection? An evaluation of webarchiving at the KB National Library of the Netherlands (2007-2017) In: Alexandria: The Journal of National and International Library and Information Issues ,

Barbara Sierman, Marcel Ras : Duurzaamheidsbeleid. In OD. Maandblad van de vereniging voor documentaire informatievoorziening en administratieve organisatie (SOD): mei-juni pp. 14-17.


Waterman, Kees & Barbara Sierman: Survey on DSA-certified digital repositories. Report on the findings in a survey of all DSA-certified digital repositories on investments in and benefits of acquiring the Data Seal of Approval (DSA). NCDD/NDE Publicatie

Barbara Sierman, Paula Witkamp Digitale objecten in digitale context. Handboek Informatiewetenschap, april 2016


Barbara Sierman, William Kilbride, Hervé L’Hours, Paul Wheatley, Invitation to join the OAIS Community Platform, iPRES 2015, Chapel Hill Proceedings

Marcel Ras & Barbara Sierman Building a Future for Our Digital Memory: A Collaborative Infrastructure for Permanent Access to Digital Heritage in The Netherlands. In: New Review of Information Networking p  219-228 , published online 17-12-2015 DOI:10.1080/13614576.2015.1114828

Barbara Sierman & Marcel Ras Best until… A national infrastructure for Digital Preservation in the Netherlands , iPRES 2015, Chapel Hill Proceedings

Andrea Goethals, Clément Oury, David Pearson, Barbara Sierman, Tobias Steinke, Facing the challenge of Web Archives Preservation Collaboratively: The Role and Work of the IIPC Preservation Working GroupD-Lib Magazine, may-june 2015. DOI: 10.1045/dlib.magazine


Barbara Sierman. Maturity and preservation policies. Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Digital Preservation, Melbourne 2014, p 259-266

Barbara Sierman, Catherine Jones, Gry Elstroem: Catalogue of Policy Elements. SCAPE project 2010-2014

Boer, Tanja de and Schie, Maarten van and Sierman, Barbara and Wesenbeeck, Astrid van (2014) Rehousing digital heritage. Preservation on a very large scale. Paper presented at: IFLA WLIC 2014 – Lyon – Libraries, Citizens, Societies: Confluence for Knowledge in Session 188 – Preservation and Conservation Section. In: IFLA WLIC 2014, 16-22 August 2014, Lyon, France.

Who audits TDRs. David Giaretta, Robert R. Downs, Simon Lambert, John S. Hughes, Mark Conrad, Bruce Ambacher, Terry Longstreth, John G. Garrett, Helen R. Tibbo, Barbara Sierman and Krystina Giaretta In: Digital Preservation and Development of Trusted Digital Repositories . Ed. D. Katre and D. Giaretta, APA/C-DAC conference 2014 New Delhi, Excel India Publishers, New Delhi, India


Barbara Sierman, Catherine Jones, Sean Bechhofer, Gry Elstroem: Preservation Policy levels in SCAPE. Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects ; ed. José Borbinha, Michael Nelson, Steve Knight, , ISBN 978-972-565-493-4.

Luís Faria, Alan Akbik, Barbara Sierman Marcel Ras, Miguel Ferreira, and José Carlos Ramalho: Automatic Preservation Watch using Information Extraction on the Web. In: IPRES 2013 – Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Preservation of Digital Objects ; ed. José Borbinha, Michael Nelson, Steve Knight,, ISBN 978-972-565-493-4


Barbara Sierman, ‘Het OAIS-model, een leidraad voor duurzame toegankelijkheid’, in: Informatiewetenschap, afl. 62, december 2012 pp. IV B 690-1 – 690-27.Available at: and


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Barbara Sierman, Paul Wheatley: Planets Functional Model. Planets project 2007-2010 Planets_PP7-D6_EvaluationOfPPWithinOAIS

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Barbara Sierman ‘Enhancing our data model with PREMIS’. DigCCur2007, April 18-20, Chapel Hill, North Carolina.


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