New colleagues in DP?

Lately one of our newspapers De Correspondent published an article by Marian Cousijn  about people collecting art ‘that you cannot touch’ . Born digital art, like websites. They buy the website from the artist and put it on the web with their own URL (and name) so that everyone will know it  is their art collection and they are the owner of this piece of art. correspondentOne of them, the Swedisch artist is Hampus Lindwall, see for example his collection . What I found interesting, is that they are not only collecting, but also feel it as their responsibility to take care of the continuous accessibility of their collection. Not only paying the hosting costs, but Lindwall had his artwork adapted so that it can be shown on smartphones and tablets. Maintenance is not a problem in his view “a programmer from China will fix it for you for 50 dollars”. Uhh?

What a different point of view! Instinctively I would scream: What about authenticity? How about your original look and feel? But on the other hand: these are interesting developments in personal archiving. We can learn from these people. What do they think is important to preserve? And we can assist them with our knowledge. At least in the Netherlands, preservation of born digital art is in its infancy, as a recent report (sorry only in Dutch, but Google translate and Bing translator might help) shows, see pdf

By the way, the maintenance is not always correctly done. One piece of art gives the error message


And the collectors own website is temporarily out of order…

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