Digital Preservation Seeds

by Barbara Sierman


When writing my blog in september I did not expect that the idea of an Atlas of Digital Damages would trigger so many people! The Flickr group was started and even The Signal cited my ideas. Time for action, not only did I try to convince people at iPRES 2012  and whenever I could find an opportunity, but I also created a website, as promised.

May I invite you to have a look at

Atlas of Digital Damages

Currently there is only limited content, but I hope my idea about the Atlas is clear:  every topic consists of an issue, one or more images, an explanation of the situation on the image (with preferably some technical background) and advice how to avoid this “damage” of digital material.  I have many ideas on adding related material and referring to other work done.  This is just a start.

So if you like this and want to contribute,  please send your material.

It will help all of us in making the need for digital preservation visible!

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